It may be "Back to the Future", but really it's the "Back to the Past" in the case of Absolute Alignment Approved Centres.  While many alignment "specialists" shy away from such rarities as this delightful de Lorean, it's bread and butter to the go-ahead users of Absolute Alignment's cutting-edge technology. 

With a vast database of cars stretching back decades that includes rarities like our featured de Lorean, our alignment centres are able to look up the suspension geometry of many "modern classics" at the push of a button, giving you the confidence that the set-up is spot on when you take your pride and joy back on the road after wheel alignment.  Even if your cherished car doesn't feature in the comprehensive listings, your AAA Centre will be able to find the information and store it for future reference, making your next visit smooth and speedy. 

Wheel alignment checks are so important for classic car users. Many vehicles don't do high mileages, so the tyres themselves don't wear badly to give any hint to possible suspension problems. A comprehensive alignment check will alert the driver to any problems that aren't showing through tyre wear like they normally do. With the MOT a thing of the past for many classic car drivers, the chance to have a professional eye cast over your special car will be invaluable. 

If you have a sporting or lowered classic it will present a challenge to some alignment centres, whereas thanks to Absolute Alignment's clever technology, AAA Centres are equipped to handle most specialist vehicles. Check out how our cutting-edge systems can help you here.

Wheel alignment isn't just for modern cars, your classic will benefit too. Use our interactive map to find your local centre, and let them keep you on the straight and narrow.

Classic Bentley undergoes alignment On-screen visualisation of the Bentley

Parallel Lines
October 2020