Interested in the nuts and bolts of it? How Bluetooth alignment actually happens? Well, from your point of view you drive into your local Absolute Alignment Approved Centre and relax while the fully-trained technician works on your car. It couldn't be simpler! 

But what actually goes on? Here's a sneak peek at one of Absolute Alignment's training videos to give you an inside look, then check out our Jargon Buster so you know what you're being told.



Professional print out shows suspension settings before and after adjustmentWhat are we looking for? Jargon Buster!

Your local AAA Centre will be checking the following factors and more:

Toe - the traditional "tracking" of the car. Nominally all wheels run parallel but age, wear and tear or damage can make one or both wheels of an axle point "in" or "out" of the centre line of the car. Either can cause excessive tyre wear. 

Camber - the inwards/outwards angle at which the tyre sits on the road in comparison to the vertical. This dictates the amount of rubber actually touching the tarmac, and can make a big difference to your car's handling. 

Caster - this is the angle at which the centrline of the wheel hub assembly interacts with the road, and affects the stability of the car. In esssence it dictates how nimble the car is if you need to change direction - for example when approaching a corner, at a roundabout or in an emergency.

Thrust Angle - one of the most important measurements in these days of ADAS. It is the angle of the rear wheels compared to the nominal centr line of the car, and if it is wrong it will resulkt in the back bing slightly out of line with the front as the car drives down the road. This is called "crabbing" and any car with this tendency will have strange handling. The latest Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as adaptive cruise control, lane change warnings and sleep sensors rely on the thrust angle being spot on, so this is a vital setting.

Steering Axis Inclination (SAI) - similar to camber/caster but records the relative position of the actual suspension components rather than just the wheels.Again this is vital with the latest generation of ADAS.

All these measurements and more are taken instantaneously by Absolute Alignment's advanced wheel alignment equipment. A check that in the old days took some time is now completed in less than two minutes! If your car is within tolderance, then you'll be on your way again at once; if it's not as per specification your AAA Centre will discuss what is needed to rectify the error and make your car safe agan.

It's important to remember that not all cars are set exactly the same. The wheel aligners provided to AAA Centres have access to a regularly-updated database of over 25,000 vehicles. These can be accessed simply by photographing the number plate of your car to avoid errors. Don't leave it to chance, visit your local AAA Centre regularly.

We're often asked - why Bluetooth alignment? In the old days laser alignment was the state of the art equipment, and that worked on an accuracy of 1mm, Our alignment heads connect to the computer via Bluetooth, and are accurate to 0.1mm - that's why the industry is switching to new tech in droves.  And it's so much more than just "doing the teacking" which works on tjhe front axle only - modern cars are fully adjustable all round, so four wheel alignment is the only way forward.

Absolute Alignment is a leading provider of wheel alignment equipment to the motor trade. To find the latest alignment technology and see how it can work for your business, go to

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