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Absolute Alignment is the UK's leading supplier of wheel alignment equipment. As part of our commitment to road safety we've produced this guide to four wheel alignment so you can make informed decisions about your car's health.

Correct wheel alignment is so important we recommend it is checked every six months or 6,000 miles. With over 40% of cars on UK roads carrying damaged suspension, NOW is the right time to have yours checked. (Source: AA figures)

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A car needs all four wheels correctly aligned to reduce tyre wear and improve handling.

Many alignment centres only “do the tracking” – making sure the front wheels are parallel. Modern cars can have all four wheels aligned, so "doing the tracking" is only half the job. A four wheel alignment inspection will also act as a health check for your car’s suspension, so it should be part of your regular service schedule.

If you have a car with Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Control and a many other Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) you MUST have your car regularly 4-wheel aligned to keep them working properly. After a small bump or even a windscreen change, 4-wheel alignment is needed when the repairer re-calibrates the ADAS sensors.

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The modern car is very adjustable. It is also easily damaged and needs to be regularly checked for top performance. Using the latest technology from Absolute Alignment, AAA Centres carefully align all four wheels - watch how it works in our video.


Four wheel alignment is vital to your car's suspension. Alongside the MoT, an alignment check is one of the few times that a mechanic inspects vital components. As part of the AAA Centre inspection a trained technician will look over the suspension and make sure there is no damage that could compromise safety or cause bigger bills.


The state of Britain’s roads means that damage can happen in the blink of an eye – potholes, speed humps and kerbs could have been specially designed to knock your wheels out of alignment!


This tyre is illegal, dangerous and will make the car handle badly. Stay Safe, Stay Legal, Save Money at one of our Absolute Alignment Approved  centres - use our maps to help you find your local one.


Take a look at the terms we use in four wheel alignment so you are never bamboozled again! Learn what to expect and watch an alignment in progress.



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