Peugeot 205 race car undergoing four wheel alignment

When you want peak performance you need perfect wheel alignment. An Absolute Alignment Motorsport Centre can give you alignment outside a "standard" set up. Optimise your car for the track with our experts!

We have around 50 centres nationwide who can get the very best from your car. Proper alignment will give you a quicker lap time. We call it "free power."

Why not give one of our specialist Motorsport Centres a call? Simply enter your post code in the map search box and we'll show your local specialist. They'll give you the right advice and help you to the front of the grid.

Please contact your chosen centre for prices, not Absolute Alignment.

Check out our video (right) explaining why your alignment is so important.


Whether you're experienced at racing or about to enter your first rally, we have a service for you. Optimise your set up and become a winner!

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