If you require ADAS sensor calibration, check out this selection of alignment centres who are able to offer you wheel alignment along with your sensor calibration.

If you have a windscreen change or so minor work at another garage, insist that your vehicle is correctly aligned before calibration. ADAS relies on correct wheel alignment, if this has not been checked and corrected where necessary there is a potentially dangerous flaw in your car's inbuilt driver assistance systems. Do't leave it to chance, make sure you have both operations carried out at the same time.

Absolute Alignment Approved Centres that also offer alignment do so through their Bluetooth Pro or Bluetooth 3D wheel aligners - check out this video showing a typical alignment and preparation for sensor calibration: 

ADAS sensor calibration near me

We have a comprehensive network of Absolute Alignment Approved ADAS Centres who give sound advice and tip-top service.

Our AAAA centres carry out four wheel alignment using the latest Bluetooth wheel aligners - often called computerised wheel alignment. This is different to the old-fashioned laser alignment which can't handle ADAS calibration. Take the guesswork out of your safety and trust an Absolute Alignment Approved Centre today.

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