Checking ADAS sensor calibrationSo what is the ADAS effect?

"Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), are electronic systems that help the vehicle driver while driving or during parking. When designed with a safe human-machine interface, they are intended to increase car safety and more generally road safety. ADAS systems use electronic technology such as microcontroller units (MCU), electronic control units (ECU), and power semiconductor devices."

That's the Wikipedia definition! We don't know these systems as "ADAS" but by their functions - lane assist, emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, tiredness warnings and many more. All are controlled by sensors and radar placed around a vehicle each controlling a special part of the car's function, and each one giving the driver vital extra seconds in which to react - or in some cases taking reaction away from the driver.

These sensors are embedded into the very fabric of the car, from windscreen radar to sensors in the bodywork. After any minor work - such as a windscreen change or bodywork repair - a responsible workshop should insist on you having a full alignment check and sensor calibration.

Your workshop must be sure to look beyond the obvious. Even with the basic ‘tracking’ correct, there are many angles that can affect safety. A modern four-wheel aligner is the only tool that can cope with the checks needed in an industry with technology that is constantly evolving. Even with the wheels straight and the steering wheel level, pay attention to cross camber, cross caster, and steering axis inclination. Any discrepancies could indicate component damage, which needs investigation before ADAS sensor calibration.

ABS and stability control rely on measuring the steering angle, often with a sensor on the steering column itself. The steering angle is a core piece of information that almost every current and proposed ADAS fitment uses. If the ADAS computer receives incorrect or nonsensical data due to steering misalignment, it can de-activate almost every safety system on the car.

So before you ask your local garage to "do the tracking", check they are equipped to carry out sufficient checks that will keep your car ADAS safe too. We have a list of specialist ADAS centres that are able to give your car a comprehensive four-wheel alignment clean bill of health as well as calibrate the sensors that could one day save your life. 

Take a look at a wheel alignment check with ADAS sensor calibration:

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