Wheel alignment equipment supplier Absolute Alignment is warning that the rise in popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) will mean that every road user is at risk of having unseen damage. This can cost hundreds in extra fuel usage and presents an increased safety risk.  

Recent research led by the University of Leeds found that the average electric car puts 2.24 times more stress on roads than a similar petrol vehicle – leading to an inevitable increase in the current plague of potholes that are wrecking our cars. Suspension damage can lead directly to higher fuel consumption and, more worryingly, excessive tyre wear which is a major factor in accidents. With more potholes on the roads, garages are seeing a rise in the number of cars failing the MOT due to suspension and tyre problems. 

But a simple check is a cost-effective way of fighting back.  Absolute Alignment’s Technical Director, Chris Dear, says: “A regular four-wheel alignment check at one of our Absolute Alignment Approved Centres can save your life. It will show up any problems in your suspension before they start costing you money or worse.” 

Drivers are urged to look out for the early warning signs of suspension damage. “The first signs will be uneven wear on the tyres,” says Chris. “And if you notice that your car is pulling to one side, then there’s something that needs investigating.” 

As well as creating more potholes, EVs themselves are at extra risk of damage. Chris continues: “ EVs themselves are heavier than the average car and more likely to get damaged suspension. Cars with incorrect alignment can lose as much as 7% fuel efficiency, and while for a petrol or diesel car that just means calling in to a garage a little earlier, for an electric car that could increase 'range anxiety'.” 

The message is clear – as cars get heavier pothole damage is here to stay, but motorists can stop safety problems before they start as long as they keep on top of regular maintenance. Further details and a list of Absolute Alignment Approved Centres can be found at www.absolutewheelalignment.co.uk 


Parallel Lines

July 2023