With the rail strikes threatening to cause traffic chaos on the roads plus the upcoming big Holiday Getaway, breakdown services are bracing themselves for a rash of callouts. Of those a high proportion will be for tyre failures, many entirely preventable with a little forethought.

Many cars that normally see local journeys are being pressed into use for long-distance commuting and holidays, and defects that are a minor irritation become a major problem when more miles are put under the wheels.

One such defect is poor suspension alignment, which causes premature and uneven tyre wear and can even create problems with electronic safety systems. Britain's premier wheel alignment equipment supplier – Absolute Alignment – is urging all motorists to have their tyres checked professionally rather than simply take depth measurements themselves. Technical Director of Absolute Alignment Chris Dear says:

“Many tyres that are legal show signs of uneven wear that a skilled technician can interpret as a symptom of poor suspension alignment. This can cause bald spots, blow outs and in extreme cases the vehicle’s electronic safety systems to malfunction because they rely on correct alignment to be accurate.”

Absolute Alignment is campaigning for more awareness of the problems that can be shown up by worn tyres. Its STAY SAFE, STAY LEGAL, SAVE MONEY campaign highlights the dangers of poor suspension alignment and recommends regular wheel alignment checks as part of your car’s fitness regime.

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