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Stay Safe, Stay Legal, Save Money


Take a look at this tyre - the wear on the inside edge has been caused by misalignment in the front suspension. With car tyres easily costing upwards of £150 each, it’s not difficult to see that regular wheel alignment could save you £££ in tyre replacement – or possibly a hefty fine and points on your licence should the Police see it first!

This car is an accident waiting to happen. Don’t let it happen to you, find your local AAA Centre today.

Stat Attack!

2,200,000 cars fail their MoT annually due to unsafe tyres!


Correct wheel alignment will reduce that figure and save you money..........


No matter how friendly the staff are at your local filling station, we bet you’d like to see them less often!

If your car’s wheels are not correctly aligned they will drag across the surface of the road, and that drag will reduce your fuel economy. Eliminate the drag, improve your economy. With the average car driving around 12,000 miles per year no-one can afford to be deliberately wasting fuel.

Save yourself a tidy sum by having your car checked at your local AAA Centre.

Stat Attack!

Vehicles with wheel alignment conditions can suffer a decrease in fuel efficiency by up to 7 percent.

Source: U.S. EPA


Your car was designed to pull straight and true. With mis-aligned suspension you will have to correct the steering constantly, the car will feel unresponsive in corners and will wander or “tramline” when driving on a straight road.

You can keep yourself on the straight and narrow at your local AAA Centre